How to Find Stuff: A Microfilm Lesson in Three Parts

Part I: The Task Is Set


Your dad emails you and is all “Hey, you’re at the Newberry Library in Chicago doing a super intensive research program. In your oh-so-abundant abundant spare time, you can look up this dude from our family history on microfilm!” You agree, because sarcasm appeals to your sensibilities and there’s beer involved.

Part II: The Hunt Proceeds


Go to the Newberry Library. Look that dude up!


Get the microfilm from the endlessly helpful librarians.


Get distracted reading about other stuff in the document.


Find the dude!


Find out that one microfilm reader always tells the truth and the other always lies only makes hard copies and the other only makes digital copies, for which you need a jump drive, an item that you conveniently left in another city.

scan copy

Get the file emailed to you by one of the aforementioned endlessly helpful librarians.

Part III: Rejoicing is Heard Throughout the Inbox

Celebrate your triumph over technology with a beer.

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