Nelvana of the Northern Swipes!

Er, I mean, Nelvana of the Northern Lights arrived the other day (thanks, Hope!), so here’s your swipes file for today from the 1940s…

* Trigger Warning: There will be a trigger warning and I don’t care if you don’t like trigger warnings. *

* Trigger Warning: This post contains black and white comic book images of suicide completion. *


There’s the villainous Chicago Sade (on the left) shooting herself while Nelvana calls this “a fitting end.” (Because Canadians hate Americans.) (By Adrian Dingle.)

IMG_0879 copy

p 23 in Masked Heroes copy

And there’s the villainous Dr. Vreekill choosing self-electrocution over the death penalty, while Batman remarks “Well, he saved the state the job!” (Because America is tough on crime, etc.) (By Bob Kane, found in Superheroes by Richard Reynolds, 1992.)

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