Fifty U.S. States & New Shapes

As the Swipes File more broadly demonstrates, there can be many ways of presenting the same information, as well as different approaches to presenting geographic places (spaces?). Here are some variations on the theme of the United States (reunited as a skull, an alternative UShapia, and a heart):



"States United"

“States United”

As part of research into and thinking about the intersections of cartography, cartoons, caricature, comics, communication, and colonialism (the 6 Cs!), I’ve launched several websites to showcase images of territory that I have collected so far:

Ushapia (the term for maps of the United States missing Alaska and Hawaii)

– Washington, DC

Florida Carto-Caricatures

California Carto-Caricatures

– Illinois Carto-Caricatures

Other US states in cartoons, maps, carto-caricatures, and logos

Canada Carto-Caricatures

Québec Carto-Caricatures

This collecting process is helping me to think about carto-caricatures and banal colonialism as part of my dissertation and other research projects. If you come across cartographic imagery and you’d like to share, I would be happy to see more!

(My current research focus is on the present-day United States and Canada, but I am interested in the claim-making of cartographic imagery more broadly–dare I say globally?)  :-)

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