Selfies, Foodies, & Other Redundancies

Continuing the theme of “the more things change, the more they stay the same,” here are two cartoons:


Mount Rushmore selfie by Jimmy Margulies (2013)


Alternately labelled as “Before Instagram” or “Before Facebook,” this image posits Paul Cézanne’s work as the precursor to contemporary food pics.

Others have commented on the similarities between historical self-portraits and modern-day #selfies. For example, one tumblrite (tumblr-er?) wrote:

selfie culture

I like these images because they showcase the artificiality and arbitrariness of the boundaries between art, popular culture, self-portraiture, and historical or inherent meanings and values of visual images.

Plus, the four dudes and Cézanne just look ridiculous, which is an important element of caricature (in my not-so-humble opinion).

(Their farcical appearance lends further credence to the cartoonists’ critiques and biting commentary on the preposterousness of the modern condition, with its built-in historical and contemporary redundancies and inanities, someone more pretentious than me might say.)

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