‘Tis the season to be generous

box tops Once upon a time on what I seem to recall being Tumblr, I read a pithy little quote about how someone hoped that one day the United States would fully fund public education from kindergarten through university and require funding for prisons to be raised through box tops. (When I went to look for the citation, though, I found the idea reiterated in the comments section of a Fox News post on Facebook. I remember the comment on Tumblr* sounding a bit more pro-social than the some-e-cards sentiment.) box-tops-for-education For Canadians and others who may be unfamiliar with “box tops,” there is a program in the U.S. called “Box Tops for Education.” You can cut out the labels from atop your boxes (usually those containing cereal or sandwich bags or tissues) and submit them in exchange for some kind of donation to the school of your choice (usually your younger cousin’s school). Turns out that the idea of re-allocating government funding and realigning budget priorities is a tale as old as… well, at least as old as the 1980s:


“WE’D LIKE TO SEE THE DAY: When health research gets $400 million and generals have to run across the country on one leg to raise money for jet planes;” artist unknown; for non-Canadian readers, it’d be useful to know that they’re referring to Terry Fox; Ship and Shop, Vancouver, November 1980, as seen in Great Canadian Political Cartoons (Volume 3) by Hou & Hou (page 210).


Zach Weiner, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, 28 September 2014


Red Button text, Zach Weiner, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, 28 September 2014

Just a thought about priorities as we head into the most expensive season of the year to celebrate the birth of a little baby who grew up to ransack a bank (if you believe everything you read). * You can tell I am getting real into Tumblr while I’m on my Facebook hiatus because of all the sassy tags I’m adding to these posts. #sorryimnotsorry


A friend on Facebook shared this gem:


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