Apologies (Belatedly)

Hey, folks. Sorry for the gap in posting last week. Some people may have made a New Year’s resolution to blog more consistently – instead, I allowed the first ever one-week lapse in posting since 2011!

In my defense, we just moved in to a new place and we didn’t have running water or Internet access for much of the week. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which was worse: driving to the hardware store every time we decided that brushing our teeth would be nice or being sans access to my faithful blog followers and Facebook cronies.

(Actually, I used a smart phone to access Facebook, but I wasn’t about to blog from a phone because my fingers are just not that tiny.)

Before moving in, we were out of town, where someone who shall remain nameless almost touched an endangered green sea turtle (fine for messing with federally protected marine life is $10,000), but did not after all, so it was like making $10,000, but perhaps more of interest to you is the fact that snorkeling is not an activity that is amenable to blogging.

This series of wild and wacky events explains the delay in accepting some excellent comments from readers, but I’ve just accepted them through the WordPress filter. Thanks for your comments and for reading (or trying to read even when there weren’t posts).

Hopefully such a gap won’t happen again, but now that it happened once, all bets are off!

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