San Mateo County History Museum recap

Last month, we were temporarily residing in Redwood City, where I took advantage of many local amenities, including the San Mateo County History Museum and the awesome used bookstore in the basement, Encore Books on the Square.

Here are some of the highlights of my visit.

The first thing I saw was a display of tiny saddles:

tiny saddles

Why are they so tiny?! I don’t know because I didn’t read the sign, but they were awfully cute. (If you made this display, please accept my apologies for not reading your finely crafted and curated informational materials. I was sort of out of it and soaking wet from the rain as I just entered the museum, so I skipped it in search of a bench, not out of malice!)

I also noticed the super fancy ceilings:

fancy so fancy

 So fancy. Much wow.

In the olden times house display, there were some olden times precursors to the Oculus Rift (not unlike those found at the Civil War exhibit at the Newberry Library, or modern-day ViewFinders):

early rift1early rift2

Since I had the museum to myself (other than a small student group that was on a tour), I relived some episodes of Parks & Rec:

parks and rec

Took note of some cartoons (and hair) on display:

hair and cartoon

Collected some very mature photos of other museum content:

butte john butt


Admired wall hangings of varied historical provenance:


Image circa 2014.


Image circa 1898.

Also admired Sandra Day O’Connor’s desk:

sandra day o'connor sandra day o'connor1

Wondered about the prominence (and well-lit-ness) of the Chemistry Set for Boys when compared to the dark corner allotted to the Women’s Hall of Fame (for female inventors):

chem boys women

Got a question that I had about the ornamental bells lining the highway (Q: “What is the deal with those bells?”) answered:

roadway markers

And thought about microprocessors, squeeze boxes, and the HMS Victory (which is not much larger in real life):

motororasqueeze boxvictory

All in all, it was an interesting and educational (and very inexpensive) trip to the museum. The part that was pricey was in the bookstore downstairs, but that was also well worth it!


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