“Self-governing territorial overseas collectivity of France”



An email from a friend and questions after my talk at UC Berkeley yesterday inspired this blog post about Saint Pierre and Miquelon, French islands off the coast of the Island of Newfoundland:


While I was conducting research at the Library of Congress, I came across two cartoons about the islands during WWII. (There are many more, I am sure – I only look at the images that came up in a search for “Newfoundland.”)

Kirby 76 - How many times do you want me to vote - 19 Jan 1942

Rollin Kirby – “How many times do you want me to vote?” – 19 January 1942

Kirby 176 The passer-by

Rollin Kirby – “The passer-by” – 31 December 1941 – Showing Marianne in a phrygian cap on the left, Democracy on the right.

(Both cartoons link to more information at the Library of Congress.)

A few more Kirby cartoons that I didn’t have time to digitize, but seem relevant, are:

– “See any reason I shouldn’t move in on ’em?” 26 November 1941

– “Who the hell issued this statement?” 27 December 1941

– “Not ‘so called’ — real!” 2 January 1942

Just to bring things up to more recent history:

Aislin (alias Terry Mosher) - Montreal Gazette - 17 April 1988 - McCord Museum

Aislin (alias Terry Mosher) – Montreal Gazette – 17 April 1988 – McCord Museum

In the CBC Digital Archives, the clip “Decision day for St. Pierre and Miquelon” covers the 1992 decision regarding fishing rights for Newfoundland and St. Pierre and Miquelon off the coast.

And just because I like postage stamps and maps:


Hope that gives you a flavo(u)r of all the neat possibilities for visual research! And if anyone knows more about the islands, I’m always interested to learn. :-)


From the friendly folks over on my Twitter feed, I bring you some more awesome links!

– Histoire des îles St Pierre et Miquelon:  2e guerre mondiale (especially: “Projet d’invasion canadienne“), a fantastic source on the area’s history

Saint-Pierre et Miquelon news, a source for contemporary information

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