Draw the Shape of the Bay @ The Exploratorium in SF

In January, we went to the Exploratorium and touched pretty much all of the exhibits, which was a lot of fun. :-)

One of my favo(u)rite things to look out for is, of course, maps.

ca1 ca2 ca3

I can’t seem to find any information about it on-line, but in a dark secluded hallway, we came across a pretty amazing display called “Draw the Shape of the Bay:”



















(Like I said, it was dark – sorry for poor quality photos!)

This exhibit was an awesome confluence of attempts at geographical accuracy, how people perceive places, comics and narrative (such as a frowning stick figured labelled: “Me on the BART at 8 am after working 11 pm – 7:30 am. It is crowded & I am tired but I still <3 the Bay.”), some Zelda fan art of “the Bae,” and generous interpretations of “drawing” (I particularly like how someone just wrote “The Shape of the Bay” in cursive in the bottom left of the wall shot).

In conclusion: research material is everywhere! Pay attention to those dark secluded side wall exhibits and you might find something amazing. :-)

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