Ireland Carto-Caricatures (Map Cartoons)

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, I give you some carto-caricatures of Ireland, starting with some historical comic maps:


Cartoon map of Ireland by Lillian Lancaster



“Geographical Fun, or Humorous Outlines of Various Countries” by William Harvey (Aleph), London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1869. (From pintrest,)

The following are variations on “Geography bewitched! or, a droll caricature map of Ireland” from 1793:

map of ireland


"Lady Hibernia" by Robert Dighton, 1795

“Lady Hibernia” by Robert Dighton, 1795

The next three draw clear links between England and Ireland:



Comic Map of Europe, close up

Comic Map of Europe,” 1870, close up


The following three address abortion in Ireland versus Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom:


The Independent, Peter Tille, 13 November 1994


Irish Times, 1992

Here are some other maps on topic:

exhibit eire


There are more map cartoons of Ireland at:

– BlueSky GIS blog

– “Seven Roads to Salvation” has several, including one reminiscent of John Collins’s How Dare You Waste OUR Water like That


It seems that bad upstairs neighbo(u)rs are a common trope:

From "Caption the Cartoon" in the Journal of Geography 82: 4, 1983, page 186.

Via the “Caption the Cartoon” series in the Journal of Geography 82: 4, 1983, page 186.

For more cartoons, see:

– “Drawing Conclusions: A Cartoon History of Anglo-Irish Relations 1798-1998

– Apparently, the American Irish Historical Society recently hosted an exhibit entitled “Island: Drawing Conclusions Mapping the Irish,” but I can’t find any more information about it! If anyone has details, I’d be interested in learning more.

Past St. Pat’s posts on this blog:

“There Were Roses” by Tommy Sands

– No Irish Need Apply–Wait, what?


Interested parties might also like to check out:

– “Mapping Ireland and the Irish,” a 2014 review essay in Cartographica by Patrick J. Murray.

– Historical Geography volume 42 (2014) on the topic of “Irish Historical Geographies: Colonial Context and Postcolonial Legacies.”

– “Unique 17th-Century Map Collection provides greater Understanding of Turbulent Irish History” by Irish Abroad, 31 May 2013 (via Dr. Cookie / GC – thanks!).

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