What do the following cities have in common: Berkeley, California; Paris, France; and Missoula, Montana?

You may not have guessed (or maybe you did?!) that they are each home to an amazing independent Shakespeare & Company bookstore (all unaffiliated with each other, except in name).

1 a & 1 b: Technically, there was another one in Paris, and the current one (inspired by the first) is pretty great. (Sorry, “greatest in the world.”)

2: The one in Missoula is also boss, and was a great reason to get off of the highway (and scoop up some ice cream while we were out of the car).

3: The one in Berkeley is awesome, because bookstores are great. Since I was there most recently, here are some (blurry, sorry!) pics:

shakes and co 2 shakes and co

(Random thoughts in blog post form mean that progress is happening on the dissertation, so #sorryimnotsorry.)

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2 Responses to Swipes?

  1. A Yuen says:

    Neat Carl Sagan quote!

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