A Piece of Imperial Pie

We’ve already seen some of the various plum puddings of the world in danger, so let’s move on to pie and other territorial delicacies…

How West Virginia Became a State:


“Chief Cook CAMERON divides the VIRGINIA GOOSE between MARYLAND and DELAWARE.” In the 21 December 1861 issue of Harper’s Weekly (at least that’s the citation according to some other bloggers!)

Carving up Africa:

afrique pie.png

Circa 1884.


Uncle Sam: “I ate turkey nearly a week ago.” 30 December 1896. Clifford Berryman.

26 oct 1903.png

Toronto Daily Star, 26 October 1903. (Via the Begbie Society Contest.)

1898 May 28.jpg

Boston Globe, 28 May 1898.

china pie 2.png

Emperor Guangzu watches as China is carved up by Victoria (UK), Wilhelm II (Germany), Nicolas II (Russia), Marianne (France), and Meiji (Japan). “En Chine. Le gateau des Rois et des Empereurs.” Le Petit Journal, 16 January 1898. Henri Meyer.

The Glutton finding the world too hard to eat, World War I.JPG

The Glutton finding the world too hard to eat, World War I.

And now for something completely different!

The hungry customer.png

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