Baby & Kid & Person Gifts – Part 2

Since quite a few people have asked me about baby / kid toys, I’m sharing some of the gifts that I like to give. This is Part 2 in a series.

For Baby’s First December-fests, I like to give out the book My Heart Fills With Happiness, which is a great board book that HH brought to my attention. (I’m pretty sure that First Nations authors and illustrators are severely under-gifted in my circle of young gift-getters, so this is very unlikely to be a repeat for anyone’s library.)

You can also include a recipe for bannock, or bake some to give as part of the gift. (That’s one of the words I get the most questions about from the book.) There’s an Aboriginal People’s Television Network Fish Out of Water episode on the topic, too!

Shipping advantage: Books send at the Media Mail rate from USPS, and this is a board book, so it’s pretty easy to wrap and send without fear of damage. I wound up ordering multiple copies from our local bookstore and got a “bulk order” discount (and didn’t have to pay the incredibly high shipping-from-Canada-fee from the publisher), so that’s an option if you have a good local shop.

If you are in a sibling-situation and don’t want to repeat a book, another great option brought to my attention by RM is The Snowy Day, which you can also get as a board book (or not!).

A cute pairing for this book might be melted snowman soap, but I’m having a hard time finding any off-season…

You could also go with the cookie or candle version of this, because kids love cookies. And parents love fire.

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