Baby & Kid & Person Gifts – Part 3

Since quite a few people have asked me about baby / kid toys, I’m sharing some of the gifts that I like to give. This is Part 3 in a series.

For second birthdays, I assembled some craft boxes with the following contents:

  • toilet paper rolls (optional, but I feel like you never have one when you need one for a craft)
  • pipe cleaners in assorted colors
  • a paint dish (not paint, though. At first, I thought I would buy small bottles to pour tempera paint into, and then I asked myself, “Self, what are you doing with your life?!” and did not do that)
  • two paint brushes (I got a colorful bulk pack of the big grippy kind that you see in childcare facilities)
  • a personalized apron (I bought these in a pack of a dozen and then used puff paint to put names on the aprons. I take back what I said before on the buckets… But really could have done this with paint pens, too, and it probably would have taken up less real estate while drying.)
  • kid scissors (they allegedly only cut paper – we’ll see. Apparently Crayola stopped making them, but there are similar types of products available. The ones I got came in a pack of three for different cuts, but I just separated them out because I don’t feel like 2-year-olds necessarily need multiples of scissors.)
  • two packs of Play-Dough (this came in a party pack, which I separated out, in anticipation of this maybe being a travel pack or something for emergency use by other parents)
  • crayons (the larger jumbo ones for younger kids and the regular size ones for older kids) (I got these in a 200-pack for classroom use and then just separated them out)
  • washable! markers (also in a classroom pack of 200, except my box had 201, or else I can’t count and someone didn’t get a yellow marker in their box)
  • a glue stick (when one 2-year-old opened the box and immediately pulled the cap off to use this as lip gloss, I realized that maybe it wasn’t the best choice, but since I already wrapped all of these for the year of birthdays, I’ll just have to live with regrets and they’ll just have to deal with sticky lips)
  • I put everything in a really nice small Sterilite flip-top container (you can personalize this using letter stickers – which might be particularly helpful if you give this gift to siblings simultaneously)

One advantage of this gift is that it’s light and it fits into a box (which is also part of the gift), so it’s great for shipping if you know people far away. It was a big hit as a December-fest gift, too. For some slightly older kids, I included a bunch of holiday stickers, googly eyes, and blank greeting cards (aka envelopes and folded card stock) so they could write thank-you cards (or just make art) after dinner and other festivities had concluded.

It also seems like it would be highly portable for longer trips, although I haven’t attempted to bring scissors on an airplane. Glue might also pose a problem. And Play-Dough would likely be messy… Well, anyhow, you do you.


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