Baby & Kid & Person Gifts – Part 5

Since quite a few people have asked me about baby / kid toys, I’m sharing some of the gifts that I like to give. This is Part 5 in a series.

AKA Chocolate Pudding Dirt Pie Gift

I’ve mainly sent this as a gift in the mail (without the milk part), but I think this would also make a neat host gift or activity for an older kid.

I got some little buckets from the dollar store (I personalized these with paint pens, which is my classic go-to-move, but you could also use actual glasses or clear cups), a box of chocolate pudding mix, gummy worms, and small packages of Oreos (one per kid seemed like a safe distribution quantity in terms of not having to share, if not in terms of overdosing on sugar).

Then I printed out the following instructions, wrapped everything in green tissue paper, and sent it. (Hint: This would probably count as something “perishable” for USPS so… uh… just so you know.)


  • Crush up Oreos (put in Ziplock bag and smash with your hand or a rolling pin or another mashing device).
  • Make pudding by adding milk per the instructions on the box.
  • Add some whipped cream and some of your crushed cookies to the pudding (to taste).
  • Divide pudding into tiny buckets.
  • Add worms to the top.
  • Pour the remaining crushed cookies on top of the pudding and worms in the bucket!
  • Enjoy!


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