Baby & Kid & Person Gifts – Part 6

Since quite a few people have asked me about baby / kid toys, I’m sharing some of the gifts that I like to give. This is Part 6 in a series.

SPOILER: If you have a soon-to-be-three-year-old and you want to be surprised at their birthday party, you shouldn’t read this post because this is what they’re getting. I don’t think too many three-year-olds read this blog, but in case they are, this goes triple for you, kiddo!

This gift might be better as a treat bag, but I sort of felt / feel rushed with now having more kids to look after, so I rather quickly put together a few things that I have liked having on hand for car rides and the like:

Apparently, the animal on the orange bag is an alpaca. I thought it was a sheep, because I’m a monster.

The theme was “I found these adorable animal bags at Daiso and I need to buy all of them and then give them to children.”

I added in some animal-themed stuff from, you guessed it, Oriental Trading:

  • googley eye animal stickers (what do you mean “goggly,” autocorrect?!)
  • spongey animal stickers
  • a box of crayons with animals on it
  • two pads of animal-themed paper
  • animal finger puppets
  • small pencil case (from etsy in a variety of colors, although I’m pretty sure those are not hand-made artisanal organic free range plastic zip pencil cases)
  • DIY animal face stickers

Originally, I was going to try to match all the animal-themed contents to the animal bag (so, panda stuff in the panda bag, etc.), but since I bought All The Things by the dozen, this proved difficult. Plus, I don’t think that 3-year-olds actually care as much about thematic continuity as I might. Extra plus, alpaca finger puppets aren’t readily available?! What a world.

These are all gifts we have gotten in the past (cute animal bag, fun stickers, travel-sized art supplies, puppets) that I found useful / not too monstrously huge / very use-up-able and highly portable. Also, this would likely be easy to mail (very light, easily shoved into a bubble mailer) unless you have a kid who hates driving to the post office in the car, in which case sorry everyone who expects mail from me, you are going to have to wait until the kid is like 5 to get a backlog of presents.

You could get animal stuff anywhere – the dollar store or any old Target-y box store. If I had been planning better, I would have purchased ALL of the “other cute stuff” (actual shopping category) while I was at Daiso, but alas and alack, I had not the foresight, and you can only order things in increments of a million from their online store (even I am not ready to go that far overboard).

Somehow, these gift posts have become some of my most popular, so watch this space for the transition to a momzlifestyle blog rather than an academic blog. Haha, just kidding? I will get back to my dissertation someday, probably. After leave!

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