April Fooling in Map Form

Google is a bit (in)famous for their April 1st pranks. Here are some funny Google maps from back before it got the buzz-killy new directions of “Sorry, we could not calculate directions from Chicago, IL to United Kingdom” (I bet their lawyers were like “stop all of your funny business right now.” This guess is based on some recent vicarious contact with tech industry lawyers.):


Variations on this theme include kayaking.


Or jet skiing. Or “this route includes ferries.” Or “buy a plane ticket.”

google Fresh Prince

That’s how I became the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

google NJ

Nothing says “New Jersey” like a police car jumping over a bridge. Believe me, I’ve lived there.

google maps

Google Maps In Real Life.

And sometimes you can just find funny errors or bugs in the map:

wtf kansas

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